Kosmetikstudio Lebensgefühle
Sabine Bernhard
Birsigstrasse 12
4054 Basel
Tel. + 41 (0) 61 271 51 41
eMail: sblebensgefuehle [at] bluewin.ch

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My studio should be more than somewhere to get some cosmetics. I invite you to a place where you will experience calmness, inner peace and wellness.  Not everyone can escape  everyday life, eventhough we sometimes wish we could. That is why it is important to rest and to take a deep breath. This enables one's soul to sense the needs of its body and to center itself.

Our body is the most valuable thing we posess.

After getting a marvelous massage and   subtle make-up you'll have a  refined complexion. This gives you greater personal magnetism  and  enlarges your selfconfidence.
You'll just feel wonderful.
Enjoy the fragrances and feel vitalized again.

I look forward  to accompanying  you on this journey.

Yours sincerely
Sabine Bernhard

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