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Lomi Lomi Nui

Already in the old kingdom  in Hawaii,  the work with the body  was highly reputed. It was not understood as a simple technique of massage. Moreover, it was combined with spiritual aspects called Kino Mana – the worldwide unique Hawaiian body work.

"Kino Mana" means "movement of vital energy" in Hawaiian or also "entire power of the body combined with spiritual forces". With that, it possesses the same starting basis as kinesiology.

With the greatest of ease,  but nevertheless in a deep and serious way,  it reflects the Hawaiian soul : the deeper the  relaxation goes, the more easily changes will come. According to Hawaiian  philosophy,  tensions are the main reason for all  illness.

Tension (Ma'i) means illness and that‘s why relaxation leads to health (Ola).

Deep realaxation can loosen physical and mental blockages and activate self healing power. The traditional Hawaiian way of  massage, Lomi Lomi Nui, will help you to release your powerful energy and let it  free flow. Experience this "royal way" of massage and feel joy and hope entering your life.

That is the way to regain inner harmony and to be well balanced with your environment.

2 hours – CHF 200.-

energetic massage

… is a full-body massage  matched to your needs.  Blockages will be tracked down and dissolved with gentle, rotating movements.

You will let go of  negative experiences, thoughts and sentiments and you will feel joyful anticipation and gain new expectations towards life.
I'm glad to accompany you  on this journey.

About 1 ½ hours  CHF 150.-

Hot Chocolate

… is a very special way to get onesself pampered. Surrounded by divine lucious odours, warm oil mixed with chocolate will make you float on the bride side of life.

1 hour  CHF 150.-

Panta Jama

Small sacks of linen containing blooms from mallow, pansy, melissa leaves and orange blossoms will be used in an East Asian way of  massage. The secret of the "pistil  massage" lies in a mixture of warm oil and good smelling pistils. The warmth and the power of the herbs will be united to an active substance, promoting blood circulation and the drainage of waste products. The immune system will be vitalized, the skin will look better and you will experience deep relaxation.

Endurance 1 hour CHF 150.-

Hot Stone

… is the use of basalt stones thounsands of years old.
While you‘re lying on a "bed of stones" and  warm stones activate your points of energy, I will give you a massage combined with warm oil.
You will feel the energy and enjoy the warmth.

About 2 hours CHF 180.-


… is a vitalization of your acupressure points in a lovely and exotic atmosphere combined with wonderful oils from Job’s tears, peeling and a ginseng mask.

A ritual for your whole body containing the respect and humility it deserves.

About 1 ½ hour CHF 180.-

Massage With Gems

Real gems lain in sesam oil will transfer their powers to your body. This kind of oil garantees  your calmness, inner peace, satisfaction and hopefulness in your every-day life. You can enjoy their  positve aspects.

Endurance  1 hour CHF 150.-

Back Massage

Blockages accumulated over time will be tracked down and will be dissolved by special massage grips that will bring relaxation and vitalization.
Experiences are stored in our cells and build painful blockages over the course of time.

What is this weight on our shoulders?? What have I taken on personally? This is what we should ask ourselves and we help you to relax your back with right breathing and massage.

Endurance  40 min CHF 70.-
Recommended is an abonnement of 10 treatments. (one treatment FOR FREE)

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