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Hair removal  (waxing)
with the use of natural wax.

Upper lip 25 CHF
Face 40 CHF
Entire leg / bikini cut/ armpits 110 CHF
Entire leg / bikini cut 100 CHF
Half  leg / bikini cut/ armpits 95 CHF
Half  leg / bikini cut 90 CHF
Back or chest 65 CHF
Armpits 25 CHF
Arms 40 CHF
Bikini cut 35 CHF
Brazilian-style 45 CHF
Hollywood-style 55 CHF


Sugaring – Hair removal with sugar paste

Upper lip 30 CHF
Face 45 CHF
Entire leg 100 CHF
Half leg (including knees) 75 CHF
Back or chest 70 CHF
Armpits 30 CHF
Bikini cut 40 CHF
Brazilian-style 55 CHF

Spa touch –
Long lasting hair removal  seen in a new way

Spa Touch® is a new generation of hair removal. Spa Touch® uses the totally new LHETM -technology ( LHE Light and Heat Energy )
Hair  in nearly all regions of the body can be removed quickly and effectively by the optimal use of light and thermo energy. Due to its compactness and  state of the art technology, Spa Touch represents a unique product in the field of laser and light technology for the removal of hair which is justly called  the "little giant" under laser and light based hair removal systems.

Spa Touch® was specially developed for the needs of a steadily growing market. More and more people are looking for professional help with this common problem.

Hair removal with Spa Touch® is an easy and quick method. One treatment takes only 20 minutes and the results are long-lasting.
By self evidence the number of required treatments and  its endurance depends on  hair type and the part of  the body.

The reason for the need of several treatments follows: hair growth has three phases: the active phase, the resting phase, and the transitional phase. Hair removal  is only effective in the active phase. To get every hair in its active phase,  several treatments are needed.

Spa Touch® was successfully clinically tested by specialists  and  been appoved and  is  authorized by the American health department (FDA), and the Europian union (EU).

I will gladly give you a consultation  under no obligation and you can take advantage of a trial appointment  to be convinced  of  its effectiveness.

Price by inquirey

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