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spring awakening ...

This new limited face treatment will prepare your skin in an optimal way for spring and summer!

It will moisterize your skin and give you a beautiful complexion combinded with the experience of getting in touch with exquisite natural fragrancies.

I look forward to pampering  you!

1 ½  hour treatment for CHF 155,-

The "Brigitte Kettner"‘s Method

Everyone’s  skin is different. The "Brigitte Kettner" Method  takes your individuality into consideration and  is, therefore, highly effective.

Brigitte Kettner’s idea is based on a combination of high-tech and homeopathic thoughts. The most important point is the awareness of individuality of everyone and therefore the different reactions on enviromental influences. They will be reflected by the skin. This is the reason why everybody will be analized as a whole person to achieve a complete understanding of individual skin problems.

Everybody who wants to help their skin feel good in every situation, has to do more than choose single products representing a superficial cosmetic way of thinking:

To make the difference, individual treatments, special product combination, minerals and trace elements from inside and out are made to fit for each individual.

This method is especially interesting for those with problems with weight and cellulite because the causes of blockages will be looked at so they can be treated with the internal use of trace elements.

1 ½  - 2 hour treatment CHF 155,-

Classical face treatment

Set according to your skin type and  wishes.

Includes: cleaning, peeling, steam, deep cleaning, ampoule, massage of the face and mask,   eyebrow correction  on request.

1 ½  - 2 hour treatment CHF 155,-

special face treatment


deep cleaning from CHF 175.-

There are always new products and treatments for every skin type. I'm always up to date for you.

short treatments

eyebrow correction from CHF 20.-
colouring of  eye bows    CHF 25.-
colouring of  eye lashes   CHF 35.-

special treatments for teenagers

special treatment  of unpure skin, acne treatment, determination of skin type, cleaning,
peeling, steam, deep cleaning, ampoule, lymphatic drain, mask, 

1 ½  - 2 hour treatment CHF 140,-

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