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4054 Basel
Tel. + 41 (0) 61 271 51 41
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The body is the temple of our soul.

Thalasso-therapy … makes you feel maritime power

Algae deliver important nutrients and minerals, trace elements and vitamins. They help to detoxify the body and remove waste products.

Algae support metabolism and vitalize blood circulation. They will bring back minerals and tighten your skin. A regimine of several treatments is recommended.
One treatment includes a body peeling.

Duration of treatment: ca.  1 ½ hour CHF 130.-

Memberships can be made by arrangement.

Full Body Peeling

Peeling as a single treatment with a following cream 65 CHF.
Ttreatment combined with a massage of the body.
CHF 50.-

Gem Treatment – Pure Luxury

massage, peeling with rubies
Hand picked,  fire red rubies of purest quality and finely ground, will free your skin of every kind of impurities and will prepare you for the next level of relaxation.

Coconut Milk and Pearls Pack

Care de luxe with precious pearls, coconut milk, honey and avocado.
This treatment has its own motto: finding one's self again – new beginning
This is a special experience. Relax with a glass of champagne and enjoy the beauty of life.

Duration:  2 hours CHF 250.-

Thermo Treatment

It starts with a full body peeling, followed by a light full body massage with the help of a thermo.active-cream while  lying in a thermo bed.

Blood circulation will be vitalized, skin tightened and your skin appearance  will look visibly better on your entire body. To receive a sustainable result, several treatments are recommended.

Duration:  about 1 ½ hour CHF 150.-

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