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An old adage says: "the skin is the mirror of the soul".

That‘s why there are experiences litterally getting "under your  skin".
Through many years of experience of practising, I often experience this combination between mental stress and skin problems. But also when working with the body and massage, it is important to include stress in all levels of experience.
In my practice,  I combine my work with  new knowledge and methods which enables me to be more receptive to your problems in an empathetic way. This will enable you to experience  doing something for yourself in everyday life to effortlessly find alleviation  for often  recurring  symptoms.

EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques- tapping acupressure

EFT belongs to those techniques, the main energetic ateries (meridanes) of the body are stimulated by tapping with knuckles. While one thinks of a special negative sentiment, 12 different points of the body are tapped on. You don't have to wait long for the relaxing and beneficial effects.

The energy system will be balanced and the best part is: negative emotions will not be tracable after just a few treatments (sometimes only after one treatment) A feeling of inner calmness and relaxation will arise. After sucessfull treatments of EFT, traumatic experiences can be named and recalled, but the accompanying negative sentiments that belong to it have vanished.

Our energy ateries are blocked due to a lot of emotions, thoughts and sentiments we have "accumulated" in our cells during our lives. We feel unhappy and will always experience the same patterns of life in different situations.
We can't find solutions or explainations for this. But the reason why lies in our beliefs, in our thoughts and our fears.
To dissolve them, EFT can help us to find ourselves and rewrite old patterns of thoughts and fill them with positive thinking.
This technique can easily be learned and can be used without problems in day to day life.
I have personally experienced the resolving evidence of EFT and with that the liberation from restrictive life situations.
This is why I'm pleased to offer you this special treatment that helps us work with you to on a new perspective on life.
I'm glad to be here for you!